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Ilhan Omar Claps Back Hard At Don Jr. For Maliciously Twisting Her Words About Dismantling Oppression

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images, Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

On Monday July 6, conservative Twitter occupied itself by misquoting a speech by Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Omar had said during a recent speech that America should "dismantl[e] the whole system of oppression wherever we may find it."

Many conservatives, including the President's son Don Jr., said that Omar was calling for the dismantling of the country's "economy and political system," a phrase she used in a different part of the speech.

Don Jr. also seemed to imply Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden would also support dismantling our current political system.

Omar quickly clapped back at Don Jr., questioning his ability to understand basic English.

Many online seconded Omar's disgust with Don Jr.'s behavior.

Omar's supporters were with her 100%.

It's hard to imagine anyone pushing back against Omar's actual statement.

A lot of Twitter users also pointed out that Don Jr. seems to hold Joe Biden to a much higher standard than his father.

To many, Don Jr.'s understanding of politics seemed shaky at best.

If you're going to attack a political opponent's speech, it's usually smart to quote them correctly.