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Hospice Nurse Reveals The Unexplained Phenomena That Happen As People Die In Eye-Opening TikTok Videos

Hospice Nurse Reveals The Unexplained Phenomena That Happen As People Die In Eye-Opening TikTok Videos

A nurse, who goes by hospice nurse Julie on TikTok, shared two unexplained phenomena that medical professionals see during the death and dying process. Thousands of comments confirmed others have seen this too.

Unsurprisingly, in a culture that often avoids talking about death and dying, people were curious about what Julie had to say. Her two viral videos both received 5.8 million views.

Julie's first video was about something professionals call "The Rally."

"This is when someone is really sick and almost towards actively dying - meaning dying within a few days - and then suddenly they look like they are 'better.'"

She said patients will begin to act like their old selves, talking, eating and maybe even walking again.

"They have a little more of a personality."
"Kind of laughing, talking, joking."
"But then usually they die within a few days after this."
"Sometimes even that night."

This happens to patients so frequently, they will educate families of the phenomenon so they don't feel such a total devastation when their loved one dies suddenly.


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For a few people, this reminded them of the character Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy.



Others shared their own personal experiences with The Rally and their loved ones.


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Apparently, this doesn't just happen to humans.


The second phenomenon didn't have a snappy name, but it happens incredibly frequently.

"This actually happens so often that we put it in our educational packets that we give to the patient and their loved ones so they understand what's going on."
"But we don't know why it happens and we can't explain it."
"Usually, it happens a month or so before the patient dies."
"They start seeing dead relatives, dead friends, old pets that have passed on, spirits, angels that are visiting them and only they can see and hear them."

Patients will either say they see them in dreams or they physically see them with their own eyes. Some will even ask the nurses or staff if they see them too.

She continued:

"They're usually not afraid."
"It's usually very comforting to them."
"And they usually say they're sending a message like 'We're coming to get you soon,' or 'Don't worry we'll help you.'"

Julie said it's not scary for the patients at all.

Several people shared their own experiences with loved ones seeing spirits.

This comment section will make you weepy.

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Julie continued to make videos about the visualizations her patients have seen that are not the result of painkillers or medically induced delirium, which she said looks different in patients.

She's also shared her thoughts on death in general.

Julie said when she's grounded spiritually and emotionally, she doesn't fear death, but she's also experienced the loss of losing loved ones suddenly. She knows the grief that comes with death.

Because of her experiences as a hospice nurse, she knows that her body will take care of her when that time comes. Spiritually, she believes we will go on after death.