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There's A New Idris Elba Doll For Sale—And It's Getting Roasted For Not Looking At All Like Him 😂

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Creating egregiously inept likenesses of celebrities is a time-honored tradition.

There's an entire CHAIN of museum's, Madame Tussaud's, dedicated to the artform! I once saw a wax statue of 80s-era Madonna in the London Tussaud's so wildly inaccurate the woman looked like a wild animal. I mean I know she's sort of famous for that tooth gap and was unafraid of a heavy brow in the 80s, but this statue looked like an actual werewolf was awarded a recording contract. It was... well it was hilarious, but also very inept. There was also an Angelina Jolie that straight-up looked like a man. It was a whole thing!

And it is in that grand tradition that a new doll depicting Idris Elba was created by British retailer Emperis! For the bargain price of 850 Great British Pounds, which is *tries math, can't* at least $1000, you can have this beautiful, painstakingly created depiction of the most beautiful man on the earth:


I have questions.

First of all, what even is this?

Furthermore, why does Idris only have one shoulder? Did he just shatter it into oblivion in a traumatic fall and that is why he is posed this way?

Most importantly, this is an obvious scam: this doll dead-ass looks like Mr. Gaines, the cranky restaurant owner from 90s sitcom "A Different World," and I cannot believe anyone is falling for this.

Anyway, it wasn't just me who was like "EXCUSE ME WHAT" about this dolly. The internet was also like "OKAY BUT WHO NOW?"

And many thought it looked more like actor Romany Malco than Idris:

And other people who are emphatically NOT Idris Elba, such as Gregory Hines:

And a Harry Potter mainstay, but Black:

And ... this:

And Coolio:

And a hybrid of Romany Malco and Jeff Goldblum:

In fact so many people thought it was Romany Malco Romany Malco had to confirm it wasn't Romany Malco:

Glad that's settled! Now if we can just get to the bottom of who in the Emperis Quality Control Department needs to be fired immediately, we'll be all set!

H/T Daily Mail, The Independent

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