The 2019 Met Gala's theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion" exhibition, and its guests did their homework and arrived in eye-popping outfits proving they were more than up for the task.

Fashionistas were left pitching tents over the cornucopia of high profile celebs hobnobbing with ostentatious flair.

The annual gathering in New York is a fundraising event to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute and was formerly known as the Costume Institute Gala.

"Costume" is the operative word, with fashion's biggest night out exploiting fashion trends that are equal parts camp and sophistication.

The work that goes into the single-night event is a huge undertaking but well worth the effort, as the photos will remain for eternity.

Zoe Kravitz stunned in her Saint Laurent heart-shaped cut-out black sequin gown but left nipples sensibly obscured.

You wouldn't want the For Colored Girls actress Tessa Thompson whipping her hair back and forth in the crowd, unless you're into being dominated.

Michael Urie tapped into his feminine and masculine side as gender fuidity was a common theme among the gentlemen guests.

The dual-gender look was courtesy of Christian Siriano, who created halves of a black, pin-stripe suit and a pink tulle gown.

Cardi B slayed in her red feather Thom Browne creation without a plus-one.

Ciara took the spotlight in the best hair category.

Oh, and her Peter Dundas emerald green gown was pretty fierce too, complementing her 1970s 'do.

Hollywood couplings were out in full-force too.

Miley Cyrus looked very avant-garde in her Yves Saint Laurent sequin striped dress, while Liam Hemsworth played it traditionally safe but regal, all in black.

Unfortunately, fans felt let down as they were hoping for something more audacious from the brassy singer.

Newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were more than pretty set dressing.

Chopra wore a nude Dior gown from their 2018 spring collection while Jonas filled out his crisp all-white ensemble as her perfect suitor.

The other Jonas Brother rocked it out with his wife, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

The pair recently had a covert wedding in Las Vegas after this year's Billboard Music Awards.

However, the general consensus was that the newlyweds could've played up their camp a bit more.

But let's talk about entrances. Lady Gaga is a master of commanding the stage with her presence.

The steps at the Met ball was no exception.

Zendaya was equally ravishing as her stylist Law Roach worked some fairy godmother magic to help with this transformation.

We have a feeling the singer is here to stay and won't be running away from this ball, at least without leaving behind an impression.

Here's looking at you, Ezra Miller.

Speaking of looks, which one do you think will stay with you forever after your eyes have adjusted back to reality?

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images, NBC

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