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Josh Hawley Slammed After Saying The Bible Will Solve America's 'Traditional Masculinity' Crisis

The GOP Senator's latest op-ed for 'Fox News' rails against the crisis of 'disappearing manhood'—which can be easily solved by reading the Bible.

Josh Hawley
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley was mocked online after he said that reading the Bible is the key to addressing a crisis of "disappearing manhood" and "traditional masculinity" that is taking the country by storm.

Hawley's main point—expanded upon in an editorial for Fox News—appears to be that men can reclaim their masculinity by bringing "the promise of eternity" and using their power to promote truth and liberty.

The connection between these concepts and their impact on fatherhood remains elusive. While involved and present fathers can undoubtedly influence their families and communities positively, Hawley's assertion lacks clarity and substance.

Hawley wrote, in part:

"Of all the things this country needs—stronger borders, better-paying jobs, some basic safety on our streets—above all, America needs stronger men. The left has spent decades running men down, blaming them for everything from climate change to 'the patriarchy.'"
"They’re wrong. Strong men aren’t the problem. For America, stronger, better men are the solution."

He went on to add that in the "same breath that the left attacks traditional manhood, they attack traditional faith as well," adding:

"That’s no coincidence. Faith and manhood are linked, because for centuries men have looked to faith, to the Bible, to understand who they are and what they can be. In this time of turmoil, our ancient faith can guide us again."
"The story of the Bible is more than a collection of familiar tales. It is an invitation to men to find their place in the cosmos, to take up their role in a grand drama that supercharges their lives with meaning."

Hawley also appeared on Fox News to rehash the points he made in his piece and posted footage of his appearance to Twitter.

Hawley's appearance and proposed solutions were swiftly mocked.

Many pointed out the irony of being lectured by a man who ran away from rioters who attacked the United States Capitol on January 6.

Hawley has returned to this same topic again and again over the last year.

In December 2022, he was mocked online after he urged men to fight "liberal culture" by being “something more than a consumer of pornography” and to start families.

The previous year, he accused "the Left" of hurting "the future of the American man" and went on to claim that the "deconstruction of America begins with and depends on the deconstruction of American men."