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Someone Tried To Call Out This Picture Of A Group Of Friends For Being 'Racist'—And He Ended Up Eating His Words

Twitter: @jack_p, Twitter: @thatjayckid

A group of coworkers enjoying a day at Disneyland tweeted a picture of their perfectly coned ice cream, and someone tried to call them racist. But the colleagues fought back, because not everything is as it seems on the surface.

"Doing Disneyland right," Jack Pattillo tweeted. He and his friends are pictured toasting their Dole Whip ice cream cones during what looks like a perfect day exploring Disney's magical park.

A Twitter user noticed that in addition to the cream-colored treats, a bunch of white-looking arms were holding the ice cream, and that's when all hell broke loose.

"Could you hire any POC?" the person said, trolling. "This picture is so white it's making me squint. Disgusting."

It didn't take long for those in the picture to respond. Spoiler alert: most of them aren't white.

Tamoor Hussein replied that he is "Pakistani Muslim."

"Um, I'm Indian," said Ria, another member of the group.

Another member of the group turned out to be Chinese, tweeting, "Happy Chinese New Year!"

Other users slammed the race-baiter, whose analysis clearly needs more nuance.

"If only people would think before they speak," one person fired back.

Turns out the group was comprised of "industry friends" and are "very nice people" who just wanted a fun day out.

"Consider you might have made a hasty and pretty bad tweet."

The moral of the story? "Think before you type."