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Harry Styles Just Ripped The Crotch Of His Pants While Performing For His First Celebrity Crush

Video captured the 'As It Was' singer's reaction after splitting his pants in front of a crowd that included his first celebrity crush, Jennifer Aniston.

Harry Styles

All of us have had an embarrassing moment or two in our lives, and we've all had an anxious nightmare or two in which we inadvertently humiliate ourselves.

But at least, for most of us, those things don't actually come true, and when they do, they don't do so onstage in front of tens of thousands of people, including our first celebrity crush.

That's the kind of thing only our most anxiety-ridden fantasies can conjure. But for singer Harry Styles it is now the harsh reality, because the superstar recently split his pants onstage before some 17,000 people, one of whom was Jennifer Aniston.

Kind of makes all those nervous nightmares about showing up to work with no pants on pale in comparison, no? See Harry's harrowing (heh) moment below.

To make matters worse, Styles didn't just rip his pants—he ripped the crotch of his pants, which just adds insult to injury. Though his fans surely enjoyed the, shall we say, bonus content they got at the show.

The moment happened during a recent stop on his Love On Tour outing in Los Angeles at Inglewood's Forum while he was singing his hit "Music For a Sushi Restaurant."

At a pivotal moment in the tune, Styles crouched down to the ground and the crotch of his leather pants split right down the middle.

Sitting no doubt only a few rows away, being a celebrity and all, was Aniston, who Styles revealed during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres was his very first celebrity crush back in the day.

Harry Styles RIPS His Pants Mid-Concert in Front of First Celeb Crush Jennifer

And Aniston wasn't the only big name there to witness Styles' embarrassing moment—DeGeneres herself was there too, as were Kylie Jenner and Trevor Noah.

Of course, the mishap only made Styles' legion of fans love him all the more.

Styles of course handled the situation with aplomb, wrapping himself in a Pride flag and carrying on with the show. As embarrassing moments go, it certainly could've been worse, right?