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Guy Asks If He's Wrong For Promptly Moving Out After His Roommate's Unemployed Girlfriend Started Living There Rent-Free

Guy Asks If He's Wrong For Promptly Moving Out After His Roommate's Unemployed Girlfriend Started Living There Rent-Free

A guy was sharing an apartment with a roommate who recently lost his job and had his unemployed girlfriend move in rent-free.

His patience was already worn thin, but an annoying situation pushed him to the move out without notice.

Based on his Reddit handle, "ObieWahnKhenooby" is a Star Wars fan who compared his roommate's girlfriend to a hideous character from the popular franchise after she proved to be a lousy roommate.

Her problematic tendencies were enough for the Original Poster (OP) to move back in with his parents, causing his ex-roommate to panic about not being able to pay rent.

"So I have been living with this dude for about 3 months and it has been a bumpy ride to say the least, but that is a story for another day," started the OP.

"Now because of unrelated reasons I made an agreement with him regarding my rent so I could essentially move out on a whim as the rental agreement is monthly if that makes sense."
"But I assured him that it would be likely I'd stick around for at least a year unless sh*t happens."

Said "sh*t" happened.

"Well my roommate lost his job last month, I'll let you guess why, so he has been living off of his savings. His girlfriend also lost her job and has no savings so he moved her in."
"Now at first I had no real issue with this despite not even being asked, after all I felt bad for them both but my patience has been wearing thin."
"While I have my issues with my roommate as is, his girlfriend is ten times worse."

The OP listed examples of why his roommate's girlfriend is a nuisance.

"She showers so little she literally smells sour sometimes, she pretty much hogs the living room for herself laying on the couch watching TLC, she literally eats everything in the fridge and replies with 'Oh whoops, sorry dude' when I point out she has eaten my food again."
"She does absolutely nothing around the house despite obviously not working and so forth. Long story short, it feels like a broke Jabba the Hut has moved in to our place."
"So after yesterday which was the second time this week she ate everything (Which was supposed to last me a week.) I lost my sh*t, called my parents, loaded everything I own in their van and moved out and I informed my roommate via text that I won't be renewing the rental agreement."
"Since then I have moved back home for the time being and my phone has been blowing up."
"Roommate was apparently relying on my money next month as his savings are running out quicker than expected (Guess why) and he is freaking the hell out saying sh*t like how I can't do this, hell even Jabba herself has reached out with an apology alongside a promise to be better because obviously she is realizing their predicament."

The OP asked AITA (Am I the A**hole) for moving out early because his roommate moved his girlfriend in rent-free.

Anonymous strangers on the internet were asked to decide by declaring:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
  • YTA - You're The A**hole
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here

The OP taking flight from an unbearable situation was justified, but Redditors advised him to make sure his rental agreement was accounted for.

"NTA for leaving, just make absolutely sure you are covered legally."
"Regardless of whatever agreement you had made between each other you may still be legally required to give 30 days notice depending on state/local laws." – Sekah87
"This. Make sure you pay what you legally owe. Going to small claims court sucks." – 4games1

Some reassured that the roommate and his girlfriend don't have a case if they wanted to take legal action for being left high and dry.

"The broke-ex-roomy would be talking out of his a** if he threatened to sue OP."
"My point was that two can play that game, and it might be enough of a bluff to scare off the ex-roomy, thus granting OP some peace from those two idiots." – supergamernerd
"Well if there was a signed lease and he was on it, it wouldn't be broke-a** ex roomy doing the suing."
"It would be a landlord that knows he ain't going to be able to collect anything from ex-roommate, and the lease would probably have something about the people on it being jointly and severally liable for rent, damages, eviction costs, etc."
"But if he never signed a lease of any kind, he can just give them the finger and they can go try to find someone else to mooch off of. Totally NTA." – Seldarin
"NTA- they saw you as a free ride instead of taking responsibility for themselves and you are actually doing them a favour by giving them the space to sort themselves out and get on track."
"And hopefully Jabba will have a shower while she's at it." – ReallyCoolChick

It's all very unfortunate.

"NTA, you can't just move someone in rent free without even asking."
"If some extra does move in without paying they should at least be helpful and non intrusive. I don't blame you one bit for moving out, like you said you were on a month to month and did not need to give much notice."
"Had your roommate and his GF been decent you would still be there, maybe they will learn something from this." – DrSueuss
"NTA he knew the terms of the rental agreement and couldn't be bothered to ask his gf to respect you more."
"I do feel bad for him because it's not technically his fault, but he's still the one who chose to lay with stupid, not you." – mychickenmyrules543

This former roommate with PTSD saw the girlfriend violating this cardinal rule as the ultimate offense.

"NTA! It's incredibly annoying and rude to have a roommate eat up your food, take up all the space, not clean after themselves & on top of that, doesn't care about personal hygiene AND moved someone else in without speaking to you first."
"Stay put with your family. People need to figure things out and fend for themselves like every other functional adult."
"I just ranted, I had a bad roommate experience almost 8 years ago, I guess I'm still upset about it LOL" – anniebanannie-89
"She said 'oh whoops' about eating your food? That makes me so pissed, like it was just an innocent accident instead of her wilfully eating food that isn't hers and that she didn't pay off."
"100% obviously NTA" – alina_314

As long as the OP didn't owe another month's rent without 30 days' notice, the general consensus was that his light-speed back home was warranted.

Rational Redditors also wished for the ex-roommate to get back on his feet during these challenging times and hoped his girlfriend learned a lesson about respecting boundaries.

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