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'The Gilded Age' Star's Response To Fan Asking If Her Costumes Are 'Intentionally Ugly' Leaves Twitter In Awe

'The Gilded Age' Star's Response To Fan Asking If Her Costumes Are 'Intentionally Ugly' Leaves Twitter In Awe

As HBO’s new hit show, The Gilded Age enjoys success, people online are going crazy for all the details of the show. From the acting of Carrie Coon and Christine Baranski to the costume work on the show, fans online are loving every minute of it.

Some fan comments online are even revealing some behind the scenes magic.

One fan’s comment about Carrie Coon’s costumes led to a great response from the actress herself.

The above tweet talks about their love of Coon’s outfits:

“obsessed with everything carrie coon wears. is it historically accurate? is it intentionally ugly? is this camp?”

Then Coon responded, shocking everyone.

Coon’s character, Bertha Russell, is an ambitious wife looking to break into high class society. This leads to a conflict between Russell and the aging old moneyed women across the street.

However, Coon got pregnant early in production of the show, giving birth in Summer of 2021. As she reveals in the tweet, she was eight months pregnant during the scene in the clip above.

Thanks to her character’s predilection for intricately corseted costumes.

As she told ET:

“There were a few months where I got to wear the costumes as they existed. But when we came back, I had to put strings on the back of all of them.”

The effect was so good, that some people in post-production didn’t know she was pregnant.

It’s truly impressive to see.

Despite the effort, Coon is grateful the team was so supportive.

“What’s extraordinary about this story is that no one batted an eye. They all just got on board.”

And it shows. While Coon herself is wonderful onscreen, her wardrobe helps by hiding any hint about her pregnancy.

As she describes it, “fancy capes” and moving buttons were needed, and toward the end, they had to hide her baby bump behind a “well-timed carriage,” but the effect is nearly seamless.

Commenters were beyond impressed with Carrie Coon.

The Gilded Age premieres new episodes on HBO every Monday, with five episodes out so far.