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Groom Speaks Out After Video Of His Friends Getting Engaged At His Wedding Sparks Controversy

Groom Speaks Out After Video Of His Friends Getting Engaged At His Wedding Sparks Controversy

Weddings are such a big deal that they're usually tightly choreographed affairs with a laundry list of no-no's, upstaging the bride chief among them. Wear white to a wedding some time and see how many dirty looks you get!

But one couple is drawing controversy online for upstaging the bride in a far more intense way—the groom allowed his friends to get engaged at their reception.

A TikTok video of the big moment has people debating if thisis a sweet gesture of friendship or the ultimate faux pas.

Upstaging aside, you have to admit the moment is pretty sweet and romantic.

TikToker Laiven Bene's video shows the moment his wife did the traditional bouquet toss to see which woman at the wedding will be getting married next. But Bene's wife put an extra twist on the custom and left out the uncertainty.

Instead of tossing her flowers, she thrust them into the hands of one of her female guests and whirled her around so she could see her now-fiancé down on one knee, ring in hand. Though she seemed shocked by the moment, based on the cheers heard from the assembled revelers, it seemed like her answer was a definite yes.

Cute, right?

Many of Bene's fellow TikTokers thought so. But many others were put off by the moment, saying they'd never allow such a thing at their big day, which they said is supposed to be all about the newlyweds.

Bene said in a reply to a TikTok commenter, for him and his bride it was all about friendship.

"Me and my wife were more than happy to give two minutes out of our night for our best mates. Our wedding was still magical from start to finish."

Nevertheless, a heated debate ensued in the comments on his video.











Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Bene said he helped his friend plan the big moment because they "wanted to do something special and different."

By that measure, there's no denying it was a rousing success.