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Actor Rachel Griffiths Apologizes After Being Called Out For Showing Off Her New Manicure While 'America Is Burning'

Australian actress Rachel Griffiths faced online backlash after a social media post she quickly deleted.

She later issued an apology on Instagram for her earlier post that referenced worldwide protests over racial bias in law enforcement and police brutality.

In an Instagram post that Griffiths quickly deleted, she posted a photo of her nails along with a large ring, saying:

"Shallow I know..."
"America is burning people are dying..."
"but still it just seems easier on the soul to watch all this happening with beautiful nails."


She went on to write:

"And judging by the line of desperate ladies I am not alone."
"Shallow people we are but I need to share this important [virus] update: the manicurists are open!!!"
"Tip generously as they have not had income since...lockdown."

Twitter couldn't believe the actress had written something so awkwardly out of touch.

Griffiths quickly removed her post after countless critical comments.

Many on social media called for an apology.

Shortly thereafter, Griffiths apologized for her previous post on Instagram.

Some fans felt this apology was enough, but others felt Griffiths should have known better.

One Instagram commenter wrote:

"Come on, you knew better. You are the Executive Producer and lead actress in a prime-time indigenous ABC Australia drama, about Black [Aboriginal] deaths in custody, working alongside a prominent indigenous production company."
"You knew."
"You even said in the post 'this is shallow…', so why did you post it anyway?"
"The spirit in which it was intended was pure ignorant White privilege."

Many people are growing and changing with the blinders coming off on the world around them. It seems Rachel Griffiths has just learned a lesson in her own personal journey.