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Newsmax Anchor's Latest Tweets Were So Bad Even The Far-Right Network Is Reviewing Them

Newsmax Anchor's Latest Tweets Were So Bad Even The Far-Right Network Is Reviewing Them

We've all tweeted something we regret at one time or another, but some of us tweet things so controversial they come back to haunt us.

And then on an entire other level is Newsmax host Greg Kelly, whose recent tweets are so off-the-charts even the ultra-far-right network has stated it is "reviewing the matter."

It all began when Kelly posted two tweets over the weekend in which he said his military service felt more worthwhile because his leaders and bosses in the service were White.

In the first of the tweets, Kelly called military service "a major pain," but that working with White men made it all a little easier.

"I will tell you what took 'the sting out of it'... I knew there was a Secretary of Defense who was White, just like me! Made a big difference with 'morale'"


Not content with that, Kelly posted a similar tweet about former Democratic President Bill Clinton's time as Commander-in-Chief.

"Just knowing that President Clinton... was a Caucasian male made it 'all worthwhile'--ask any White male officer who served under him."


Kelly went on to say he and his fellow officers were "so appreciative of [Clinton's] Race."

In a statement, Newsmax claimed Kelly's tweets were sarcastic attempts to "indicate his opposition to racism."

But they also said they are "reviewing" Kelly's Twitter posts.

"We at Newsmax never countenance the posting of racist views or views that appeal to racists. We are currently reviewing the matter."

For his part, Kelly responded to the kerfuffle with the most laughably cliché response possible.

Being a Marine, you see, "had nothing to do with RACE," and Kelly can't possibly be racist, because New York City's first Black mayor officiated at his wedding.

So there!

Kelly's follow-up did little to ingratiate him to folks on Twitter.

Kelly's most recent dust-up follows comments he made on Friday in which he claimed White people are presently "at the bottom of the heap" in America.