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QAnon Rep. Slammed For Claim That Teaching About Racism And Homosexuality Is 'Child Abuse'

QAnon Rep. Slammed For Claim That Teaching About Racism And Homosexuality Is 'Child Abuse'
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Another day, another outburst of impotent rage from Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The house rep has become known for peddling conspiracy theories and bashing LGBTQ Pride. Now she's combined both into a tweet of pure political nonsense.

Greene tweeted in response to a video shared of a young girl at a school board meeting, describing her experience with some of the things being taught at her school.

The video was shared by Greene, who used it to call for a ban on critical race theory and to compare teaching children about homosexuality to child abuse.

The video has a 14-year-old girl testifying at a local school board meeting. With her mother standing right behind her, she explains her difficulty and trauma in early years and also questions being taught about sexuality in school and white privilege.

Greene retweeted this video and wrote:

"BAN Critical Race Theory & STOP sexualizing children NOW with tax payer funded education."
"Teaching racism and promoting sex, homosexuality, & normalizing transgender to children is mental/emotional child abuse."

This is despite the fact that critical race theory isn't taught in grade school, and is in fact an academic movement and legal analysis reserved for high level education and theory.

Also, many online found Greene's comments about homosexuality and transgender just plain bigoted.

Critical race theory has become what many believe to be a new boogie-man for right-wing politicians and pundits. The high level, academic theory has been claimed to be taught in schools and pushed on children. They also claim it teaches white people to hate themselves.

What the theory actually teaches, once again only to high level academics and legal scholars, is to examine social, cultural, and legal issues and how they've been affected by the past and present of race relations.

Sex ED is, however, a standard part of public education, one the United States falls far behind in teaching. On top of this, homophobia runs rampant, and a solution is to ensure children are educated on the issue.

This is important, because 8 states have all but outright banned teaching about LGBTQ issues.

If anything, Greene already got her way a long time ago, and it's time that was fixed.

Greene is no stranger to the criticism she receives for her backwards views. Just earlier this month, she claimed she doesn't believe in the theory of evolution.

Her regular target for harassment, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows exactly how to deal with an attention monger like Greene.