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GOP Christmas Party In Arizona Is Getting Dragged For Misspelling 'Merry Christmas' On Poster

@alexnazaryan/Twitter; @GretiaLee/Twitter

Last week, an online poster for the Republicans for National Renewal’s (RNR) Christmas reception in Phoenix, Arizona got a lot of attention online.

But not for the reason they were hoping.

Instead, their spelling of "Merry Christmas" was the talk of the internet.


The RNR is a right-wing nationalist group, pushing for national populism within the Republican party.

Their poster took the graphic and title of the 1946 movie It’s a Wonderful Life and changed it to “It’s a Wonderful Nation.”

The graphic was very busy, attempting to emulate the style of old-time movie posters. However, the strange quote at the top right of the poster was the issue.

The original version of the poster said:

“We’re saying ‘Marry Christmas’ again at the best reception of the weekend!”

For people who act so aggressive over the “right” to tell others to enjoy Christmas, they don’t seem to have a strong grasp of the word “merry.”

Since the original posting, the RNR took the post down and corrected their mistake.

Mark Ivanyo, the executive director of the RNR confirmed as much to Newsweek.

But the spelling mistake wasn’t the only thing that drew mocking by internet commenters. They also took aim at the graphic design.

While it was intended to emulate the 1946 movie poster, it becomes so busy with so many different fonts you can barely tell what it’s supposed to say.

We recommend they just give up.

It’d be best for everyone.

Maybe the RNR should stick to the sentiment "Happy Holidays."