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Father of Florida School Shooting Survivor Admits to Doctoring Emails to Make CNN Appear Biased During Town Hall

Another nonsense Parkland conspiracy theory debunked.

Father of Florida School Shooting Survivor Admits to Doctoring Emails to Make CNN Appear Biased During Town Hall
Photo Credit: CBS Miami

The father of a survivor of the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida has admitted to editing an email he forwarded to news outlets regarding his son's desire to give a speech at last week's town hall.

Glenn Haab, father of senior Colton Haab, told the Associated Press that while he omitted some words in his email, he did not do so with malicious intent.

Father Of Florida Shooting Survivor Admits He Altered Email From CNN

According to Glenn Haab, his son Colton skipped last week's Florida town hall due to claims that CNN, which hosted the event, had allegedly fed questions to Colton in advance. Haab forwarded an email between Colton and CNN to Huffington Post and Fox News with intentionally omitted words, which made the email appear to corroborate these false claims.

Colton had submitted a speech in advance of the town hall to CNN, but his father's omissions made it appear as though CNN had fed Colton questions instead. Colton's original intent was to give a speech at the town hall, but CNN made it clear that only short questions were appropriate so that all those who wanted to participate would have time to do so.


"He told AP that there was 'nothing malicious behind' his decision to leave out certain words. But the omitted words show that CNN was clearly asking his son to stick to asking the question he had already submitted," the Huffington Post reported on Tuesday.

Mr. Hobb, a Republican and registered gun owner, helped spark rumors that the town hall was slanted in favor of gun control advocates. Colton helped save several of his classmates' lives during the shooting, but because of the doctored email, decided to skip the event.


The story inspired President Donald Trump to chide CNN on Twitter, despite the total fallacy of the story.

CNN later released the transcripts of the original emails, which completely quashed yet another conspiracy theory being lobbed against survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting.


Twitter users had some opinions on this matter and offered blistering criticism of Mr. Hobb.

Gay_Emu described Haab's actions as "disgusting behavior" that was used as an excuse to "to push his pro gun agenda by doctoring emails and sending them to allied news outlets."

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson promoted the fake story, and as Milkshakes ATRP points out, "ruined the Haab kid's life by believing his father who had altered emails."