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Giuliani Election 'Witness' Puts Everyone's Drunk Aunt To Shame With Her Super Cringey Testimony


The Trump campaign's cross-country legal sideshow continues.

Rudy Giuliani appeared before several members of the Michigan legislature Wednesday, December 2, with a witness who was so strange many people online suspected she was drunk.

The woman, identified as Mellissa Carone, had past affidavits thrown out by judges due to being "uncredible."

Clips of Carone went viral on Twitter, where many people felt they were seeing a real-world version of an SNL character.

At one point, Rudy Giuliani, perhaps realizing how unhinged his "star witness" sounded, reached over trying to stop Carone.

But it was far too late.

Carone has a long history of dishonesty and blind Trump support.

While some conservatives online rallied behind Carone's bizarre testimony, the relevant parties at the hearing seemed decidedly unconvinced by her tirade.

Many of Carone's statements during the viral hearing were easily disproved in real time.

If Rudy Giuliani wants to make any legal headway, he should probably focus more on actual evidence and less on random, unhinged witnesses.