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Rudy's Viral 'Star Witness' Is Now The Top Google Result When You Search 'Drunk Woman' Images

Rudy's Viral 'Star Witness' Is Now The Top Google Result When You Search 'Drunk Woman' Images

As the conspiracy theories and false claims seeking to overturn the 2020 Presidential election fail to bear fruit, one after the other, some efforts are getting more attention than others.

Particularly, Donald Trump's hearings before members of the Michigan legislature. The videos of the hearing went viral, especially its star witness Melissa Carone.

After several jokes about how Carone appeared to be drunk during her testimony people noticed something interesting about a search on Google.

Namely, Carone's image shows up when you search for "drunk woman".

Carone—who claimed to be a former contractor for Dominion Voting Systems—spent most of her testimony acting very aggressively with the legislators. She regularly spoke over and interrupted the officials asking her questions.

Rudy Giuliani even shushed her but failed to keep her under control.

From her messy updo, to her sarcastic responses to serious questions, many assumed the "star witness" was actually just very intoxicated.

Others felt she was a Saturday Night Live character brought to life.

Whatever the case, her presence made enough waves to get attention. Over the following weekend, if you searched "drunk woman" on Google, Carone's image would appear at the top of the results

Carone's testimony included claims of election misconduct at the Detroit counting center. This included that a register of those who voted was "off by 30,000."

Not only were Carone's claims swiftly debunked, but internet sleuths discovered her recent history of computer crime. Carone tried to send sexually explicit videos to her boyfriend's ex-wife so she could then claim the ex-wife stole the material.

Her ruse was discovered almost immediately, and Carone spent a year on probation, ending earlier this year.

Between information like this—and her conduct during her testimony—people online cannot believe she is real.

With a witness as reliable as Carone, it's easy to see why the Trump campaign's claims of voter fraud have been thrown out and dismissed by just about everyone, including the courts.

Friday saw their team lose six more cases in several states.