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Giuliani's Star Witness Pled Guilty To Sending Harassing Sex Tapes To Her Fiancé's Ex-Wife

Giuliani's Star Witness Pled Guilty To Sending Harassing Sex Tapes To Her Fiancé's Ex-Wife

Mellissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani's "star witness" who went viral after her bizarre testimony before Michigan legislators, remains in the news after her criminal history of false allegations has come to light.

Carone, formerly known as Mellissa Wright, was charged with "first degree obscenity and using a computer to commit a crime" in 2019 after allegedly sending a sex tape of herself to her fiancé's ex-wife.

When the police investigated the incident, Carone lied to them before telling her fiancé "to get a new router and get a new wifi company" to hide the evidence.

In return for a guilty plea, Carone struck a deal with prosecutors which resulted in a reduced charge of "disorderly conduct" and a year of probation.

Carone's year of probation ended weeks before she testified on Giuliani's behalf.

Carone and her fiancé both claim he was the one who sent the explicit videos to his ex-wife from her phone, though Carone says she plead guilty to avoid spending any additional time in court.

"The reason I got charged for it is it was sent off of my phone. I just said screw it, I'm going to have to take it."

When asked about his witness's credibility, Giuliani responded to Huffpost by saying:

"There is no rule that people coming off probation are incredible as a matter of law. I don't know her circumstances, but her testimony is corroborated by other witnesses, documentary evidence and expert testimony."

Another judge prior to Giuliani's hearing has thrown out a sworn affidavit from Carone, saying her claims regarding witnessing election fraud "simply are not credible."

Carone has also come up short in the court of public opinion, where her behavior during the hearing was so strange and erratic that she was lampooned on Saturday Night Live.

Perhaps the testimony of Melissa Carone shouldn't be something taken especially seriously by lawyers for the President of the United States.