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Woman Floored After Guy She's Only Gone On A 'Few Dates' With Accuses Her Of Cheating On Him

Woman Floored After Guy She's Only Gone On A 'Few Dates' With Accuses Her Of Cheating On Him

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding here...

A TikTok is rising in popularity after a young woman shared with viewers the unbelievable reaction she was on the receiving end of from a man she had been seeing for a mere month.

The outburst has caught the attention of the TikTok community and elicited quite the reaction.

TikToker Miss Obvious (@sadplonker) posted a video revealing the woes of casual dating.


Casual dating ain't for me. #dating #single #casualdating #narc #narctok #story #messages

The man in question flipped his lid upon finding out Miss Obvious was continuing to go on other dates despite having gone on a handful with him.

Viewers' reactions to the text exchange were colorful to say the least.

The minute and a half video has nearly 3 million views, over 370,000 likes and almost 6,000 comments, many of which were other TikTokers sharing their own, personal experiences with overly eager dates.










In the video, Miss Obvious shook her head with an audio file playing that said:

"That time I went on a few dates with a complete psycho..."

The video then cut to a text exchange that read:

“You trying to hook up behind my back?”

Confused by the message, Miss Obvious responded:

"Excuse me?"

The man replied:

"I'm not going to repeat myself."

After explaining the meaning of his question, the man persisted and asked:

“What made you think we were not dating?”

Miss Obvious replied:


He wrote back:

“Just because I didn’t reply right away doesn’t mean we’re done."

To which she said:

“Sweetie, you’ve been leaving me on read for a week."
“Not to mention you’d told me, ‘I’m not looking for anything serious (right now),’ so what do you expect?”

The man insisted the two were dating.

He wrote:

“I can’t believe you did this to me. I told u my ex was cheatin, and what did you do? You f'king cheated on me.”

Miss Obvious reiterated they are not dating, saying:

“How can I be cheating on you if we’re not together! And we’ve known each other for like what? a month?”

He responded:

“We are together!”

But he abruptly ended his imaginary relationship with Miss Obvious since she “cheated.”

In their rage, the man threatened the TikToker with the nude she allegedly sent, but she informed him she had actually pulled a photo of a breast from the internet to send.


Upon hearing the truth, the man then body-shamed her.


The bizarre encounter was enough to have the TikToker begging off “casual dating.”

In a follow up video, Miss Obvious responded to several requests to lip sync to a popular TikTok audio that seemed especially relevant to her situation.



Reply to @gothiccchick had too many requests to refuse 🫣

The backdrop to the video is an image of an ongoing conversation between her and the mystery person from her previous video regarding the failed "relationship."

The message in frame reads, "I can't believe you did this to me. I told you my ex was cheatin, and what did you do? You f'king cheated on me."

In the lower right hand corner, there appears to be a comment from a TikToker that also reads, "Sing it with me 'that's not cheating if i wasn't with yo a**'".

The dating scene doesn't seem to be getting any easier.

A pet seems like a better, more fulfilling choice.