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We're truly living in an exciting time for technology. Snapchat recently released new filters which use facial mapping to make you look stereotypically masculine or feminine. Many people had fun playing around with the new filters, but Twitter user @LoloFennec found someone who took things to the next level.

Some tortured genius apparently turned their camera towards their cat and created some unforgettable results.

The filter gave the cat a distinctly human flair.

The viral tweet inspired many to put their own pets through some filters.

The strangely distorted felines reminded Twitter of strange fantasy creatures.

With over 107k, it's clear people love the hilariously morphed pet!

But can we press the idea even farther?

Twitter users everywhere began to experiment with filtered pet-snaps!

The disturbing results proved too much for some citizens of the internet.

Many thanks to @LoloFennec for opening our eyes to the hilarious possibilities of pet filters! We hope to see this cat in the MCU very soon.

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