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Gay Wedding With 'Upstage The Grooms' Theme Goes Viral—And The Looks Are Fabulous

Drag Queen Mary Lou Pearl, AKA Blake Mitchell, shared some video from the fashion-forward wedding on Instagram—and fans were absolutely here for it.

Gay Wedding With 'Upstage The Grooms' Theme Goes Viral—And The Looks Are Fabulous

Wedding dress codes can often prove confusing. How does one dress for a "black tie beach brunch," anyway?

Guests at a recent gay wedding in Rhode Island knew exactly what to do when they were challenged to "try to upstage the grooms."

One of the attendees, Blake Mitchell, made a video compilation that highlighted how they and other wedding guests rose to the challenge with flair.

Mitchell, who is also known as the drag queen Mary Lou Pearl, turned up in a purple jumpsuit and cape, and other guests were equally creative.

Of the varied interpretations of the dress code, Mitchell said:

“Guests were invited to wear looks that broke all the traditional wedding guidance. There were sequins, patterns, fringe and leather. One guest even dug out her own wedding dress and reimagined it for this event.”

Folks praised the novel theme.





People especially loved Blake's purple jumpsuit.


Others liked that the grooms' outfits were quite subdued and relatively easy to upstage.



Others found inspiration for their own nuptials.


Some people loved the theme so much, they wished they could get married again.



People who usually hate weddings were enthusiastic about this one.


Many people agreed that the LGBTQ+ community knows how to throw the best parties.



After the reception, guests celebrated at a bowling alley, capping off what looked like a truly amazing night.