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Man Exacts The Perfect Revenge After Getting Called A Gay Slur By Two Men In A Car 🌈🔥

Man Exacts The Perfect Revenge After Getting Called A Gay Slur By Two Men In A Car 🌈🔥

On Friday, August 3, Nick Hurley, 27, was walking home from work when he heard something disturbing. A man, driving past in his car, shouted the slur "f****t" out the window at him. Fortunately, Hurley knew exactly what the situation called for.

Hurley, who happens to be gay, told the story in his own words:

I had just stopped off on the way to pick up some glitter before heading home to get changed and pick up a bag [as] I was on my way to Brighton Pride for the weekend. While going down Whitworth Street in Manchester – a road I walk down at least twice a day – a car screeched past with two guys in, and the one yelled out of the window 'faggot' at me.

Without thinking, Hurley exacted the perfect revenge!

They then came to a stop at the next set of traffic lights. By which time I had caught up with them. And in a moment of white-hot creative rage, I emptied a tube of glitter into their car through the passenger window.

How did the homophobic car react?

They seemed confused and dumbfounded, and didn't say anything. The lights changed and they drove off, while I took a sharp left turn down onwards on my journey home.

Hurley's story has gone viral on Twitter, with over 153,000 favorites!

His tweet read:

If you think it's okay to shout "faggot" at me out of your car window while you drive past, then I think it's okay for me to empty a tube of glitter through that window when you stop at the traffic lights.Your casual homophobia has supergay consequences.

After the post went viral, Hurley asked people who were following the thread "to donate to Stonewall by texting "STONEWALL" to 70500 to donate £5:"

Without anything to promote or sell myself, I thought it would be a good place to raise some of Stonewall's work to people's attention, so I started a Twitter thread with details of how to donate to them. I've been absolutely flooded with well-wishers and overwhelmed with the number of people who have said they've donated on the back of it. It feels good that I was able to turn a hate crime into something much more positive, all with some added glitter.

Twitter was on board for the entire scenario!

If you ever feel like you're about say a homophobic slur, just take a moment and ask yourself: is this worth a neverending glitter nightmare? The answer is no.

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