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Gay Man Shares Homophobic Texts From Cat Owner After He Was Denied Adoption

Homophobia is alive and well in the western world, despite legal gains.

Gay Man Shares Homophobic Texts From Cat Owner After He Was Denied Adoption
@sturdyAlex: Twitter

Being a good pet owner comes down to many things:

spending time with your pet, feeding them on time, walking them or changing their litter, being kind and gentle.

Chances are that 'being straight' doesn't make your list of important qualities for pet ownership.

Unfortunately this was the case for a person in the UK.

Back in August 2017, actor and writer Alex Andreou answered an ad about a kitten who "desperately needed rehoming." After a two hour drive, the owner changed their mind because Andreou is gay.

He documented the exchange on Twitter.

Photos of their texts can be seen below.




However, no matter how used to it we are, bullying and singling out for our differences always hurts.

And then it seemed like things might be looking up.

However, then things began to get bizarre.

His friend had the planned adoption cancelled as well.

Photos of the interaction between the seller and Andreou's friend, Lisa, can be seen below.



Andreou started to get suspicious.

And then it all got very weird.

Andreou's follow-up text with the "cat owner" can be seen below.


Then, after sussing out this was all a cruel game the woman played over and over, Andreou decided to turn his energies back to finding a furry friend.

The response was immediate and overwhelming.

And Andreou got his happy ending!

And now, over a year after Andreou's awful experience trying to adopt a cat, George Meowchael-Andreou and Freddie Purrcury-Andreou are happy in their home with Alex.

Even if the boys might get into a bit of mischief now and then.

H/T: Twitter, Bored Panda