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Gay Dad Posts Epic Video In Response To Troll Who Asked If He Wants His Son To Like Boys Or Girls

Gay Dad Posts Epic Video In Response To Troll Who Asked If He Wants His Son To Like Boys Or Girls

As any queer person will tell you, being asked silly, often invasive questions about your personal life just comes with the territory of being part of the LGBTQ community.

And if you're an LGBTQ person with kids, that means your children are not off-limits when it comes to these questions either. One gay dad is clapping back in the most hilarious way possible.

Influencer, event planner and father of three José Rolón was recently asked by an Instagram troll if he wants his son to be gay or straight, and the video response he posted is nothing short of epic.

Rolón, a New Yorker who is a single father to son Avery and daughters Lilah and London, frequently highlights his kids in his Instagram and TikTok videos.

Last week, a fellow TikToker asked him a very silly and retrograde question:

"Not trying to be offensive or anything just an actual question but do gay dads want their sons to like girls or like guys?"

Pretty much any time someone opens a statement with "Not trying to be offensive" it can be assumed that's exactly what they're going to be.

But more important, the question traffics in the ridiculous stereotypes that the LGBTQ community has an "agenda" to indoctrinate children into the "gay lifestyle."

Rolón wasn't having it, especially since ignorant questions like this have become commonplace for him on social media.

As he told Queerty:

"The more our social media presence has grown, the more we've been susceptible to some ignorant reactions and responses."

So, he enlisted Avery to help him give this particular troll the sassy, satirical answer they deserved.

In the video, Rolón gives Avery a kind of test to see if he's gay or straight, querying everything from the kid's favorite queen (answer: Beyoncé), to his favorite milk—which is Harvey Milk, the iconic gay rights activist and the first openly gay politician elected in the city of San Francisco. Rolón even asks Avery the correct way to say "yes," which is, of course, "Yaaaaaaas queen!" The kid really knows his stuff!

And people on social media absolutely loved the response.











Rolón also told Queerty that despite the frequency with which he gets ignorant questions like this, he refuses to give into the negativity.

"I don't get angry or hurt, but instead, choose to answer with humor with a splash of education and move on."

Rolón: 1, Trolls: 0!