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Frankie Muniz Is Finally Fulfulling A Lifelong 'Dream' With His Next Gig—And Fans Are All About It

The 'Malcolm in the Middle' actor has always felt the need for speed—and now he gets to live it.

Frankie Muniz
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

We’re used to actors becoming writers or musicians or even politicians, but actor Frankie Muniz has something different planned for his second career—race car driver.

Muniz announced recently he joined the NASCAR-owned ARCA Menards Series as a stock car racer. ARCA is considered a minor, semi-professional league of stock car racing often used as a feeder series into the three national touring series of NASCAR.

ARCA hosts events at a variety of track types including superspeedways, road courses and dirt tracks. The series uses composite body cars instead of steel stamped and is much less expensive to run, costing an estimated 10% of what NASCAR's premiere cup series costs.

Muniz stated:

“I look forward to not only demonstrating my ability on the track and just how serious I am in progressing in my racing career, but also showing my son and family what it is to chase your dreams and re-invent yourself.”

Muniz drove the pace car in the 2001 Daytona 500 and shared an image of meeting the late NASCAR star Dale Earnhardtin his Instagram post to announce his new venture.

It was—if you hadn't followed the actor closely—seemingly a move completely out of left field.

But Muniz has been involved in racing at different levels for years.

Some people remembered Muniz's long history in racing and celebrated his latest achievment.

And some folks pointed out it's not like he never raced cars in his acting career.

Then there's the obvious joke people were quick to hop on.

The comments on his announcement were otherwise a free-for-all on celebrating Muniz, and sharing what the actor means to them.

Ultimately, it looked as though NASCAR gained some new fans.

Best of luck to Muniz in his new career!