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Sean Hannity's Thanksgiving Advice Does Not Go as Expected

Sean Hannity's Thanksgiving Advice Does Not Go as Expected

Fox News host Sean Hannity offered to give Thanksgiving advice to his listeners and followers, on how to deal with "liberal relatives" during the holiday. But he didn't get exactly what he wanted, as many had their own advice to share with him. It all began with a tweet:

"Dr. Hannity is back! Need advice on how to deal with you liberal relatives over the Thanksgiving holiday? Call into my radio show 800-941-7326."

Sidebar: Hannity is no doctor. He dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University. And it seems many people noticed his lack of proper credentials.

While not many called in, plenty of "liberals" did respond via Twitter, and they felt the need to share some of their own advice and concerns with "Dr. Hannity," regarding how to get through turkey day with family.

The blowback is beautiful.

"You mean beyond just saying "fake news" for any point you don't like? or bringing up Hillary Clinton?"

More than a few people referenced Roy Moore, the Senate candidate from Alabama whom multiple women have accused of sexual assault or misconduct when they were teens and he was in his 30s.

Also, aluminum hats!

"Dr. Hannity - How can I wrap up the Thanksgiving leftovers when my FOX-viewing relatives always use up all the aluminum foil to make their hats? Help!"

Tiki torches and MAGA hats.

"Dear Dr. Hannity: If my cousins arrive at Thanksgiving with Tiki Torches and MAGA hats chanting Jews/Blacks/Hispanics/Disabled people will not replace us, what should I do?"

"Dr. Hannity if my relatives don’t agree with me, how long and how loud should I yell 'benghazi & her emails!'"

Would you please pass the gravy with a side of molestation.

"Dear Dr. Hannity,

If my dad's 32-year-old friend starts to molest my 14-year-old niece, how long should I wait before I knock him out with a gravy boat?

Asking for millions of Americans who don't want in the Senate."

"My Pastor would rather have a child molester win the Alabama State seat than a really good man like @GDouglasJones How do I get him to understand that this is not something a Christian does?"

How to deal with the pedophile in the family.

"Do i tell my relatives i smashed my keurig because you endorsed a pedophile?"

"Dear Dr. Hannity, my grandpa Moore will be at Thanksgiving, and he always hits on me and my teenaged friends. Is that normal?"

"Should I make my own chess pie?"

"If my uncle who normally brings chess pie to thanksgiving is credibly accused of sexual assault by several woman, one of whom was 14 at the time (and another 15), should I vote for him for Senate? Should I make my own chess pie?"

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