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Dem Senator Trolls Fox Over Surprisingly Accurate Headline About What 'Democrats Demand'

Senator Ron Wyden trolled Fox headline about a Democratic bill that proposes providing three free meals a day plus a snack to all schoolchildren.

Ron Wyden
Greg Nash/Pool/Getty Images

A significant number of Democrats in both the House and Senate have introduced a new legislative proposal this week, aiming to provide all students, from pre-school through high school, with three free meals per day plus a snack, irrespective of their income levels.

The Universal School Meals Program Act, as the bill is named, seeks to eradicate the practice of "school lunch shaming" prevalent in the current program, where students must prove their eligibility for a free meal. The proposed legislation aims to put an end to this issue by granting universal access to meals for all students.

Democrats argue such a measure is necessary to address the alarming rise in hunger among American children.

But Fox News framed the effort negatively with the following headline:

"Democrats Demand Universal Free Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and a Snack for Kids in School."

Shortly afterward, Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden issued the following sarcastic response:

"Oh no you got us."

You can see Wyden's tweet below.

Others had harsh responses to Fox News' headline.

The bill's description highlights the public humiliation children have faced due to their inability to afford lunch.

Lunch shaming has become a pervasive problem across the nation, with some schools resorting to reprehensible tactics to collect school meal debt. Shockingly, instances have been reported where schools threatened to remove children from their parents' custody or marked their skin with an "I Need Lunch Money" stamp.

Furthermore, the Universal School Meals Program Act seeks to reimburse all schools for any outstanding school lunch debt accumulated under the existing system. Democrats argue that by providing free meals universally, the overall cost of the program would decrease significantly.

The bill aims to alleviate the burden of complicated application paperwork by eliminating the requirement for a Free and Reduced Lunch Program application to participate in the program.