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Woman Swears By 'Scandanavian Sleep Method' That Could 'Save Marriages' In Viral TikTok

TIkToker Erica Stolman Dowdy shared her experience of sleeping in Copenhagen, Denmark, with separate duvets for her and her husband.

Woman employs the 'Scandinavian Sleep Method' by using two duvets on her bed

There are few things that could end a marriage quite like what goes on in the bedroom.

And no, we're not referring to intimacy—we're referring to the simple act of sleeping and sleep hygiene.

Good sleep hygiene involves a comfortable and clean space to sleep in, set to a temperature that best matches how hot or cold you personally run, and mattresses and pillows that are of a firmness that meet your liking.

But it seems that even the healthiest of long-term relationships will somehow bring together two very opposite people when it comes to what makes them comfortable—like one needing a firm mattress while the other loves to sink into a soft marshmallow.

This applies, perhaps most importantly, to blankets. There always seems to be someone in the relationship who likes to hog all the covers, even if they're not going to sleep under them. They just snuggle up with them and refuse to give them back.

TikToker Erica Stolman Dowdy thought that she would have to suffer forever—but then she and her husband discovered there was a remedy for their woes upon visiting Copenhagen, Denmark.

After returning home from their trip, Stolman Dowdy decided to give her home a Scandinavian makeover, and she put particular emphasis on making over her bedroom to employ what she calls the "Scandinavian Sleep Method."

Stolman Dowdy starts off by pointing out that Scandinavian homes to not believe in an all-white aesthetic and instead include bright pops of color. The TikToker decided to go with a soft pink and yellow theme in the room and specifically used linens, which she pointed out as "the most comfortable" and the only fabric that Scandinavian homes use.

Her final point, however, was what proved to be the most popular, and that was the use of separate duvets.

"The most exciting part, we're going to use the Scandinavian Sleep Method."
"In Copenhagen, not once did we sleep with one duvet. It is always two twins."
"We sleep so good. No one's fighting over blankets. Nobody's too hot or too cold. It's absolutely amazing."
"But this is absolutely the comfiest way to sleep. I 10 out of 10 recommend it. It could save marriages!"

You can watch the video here:


the Scandinavian sleep method is an absolute game changer. 10/10 recommend ☁️ #scandinaviansleepmethod #danishdesign #danishinterior

With over 4 million views, 460,000 likes, and over 2,000 comments, the hack was clearly a hit.








Even though changing out a single, large duvet for two twin ones seems like such a simple thing, it actually makes a lot of sense why it would make such a big difference to someone's sleep routine.

This is a great reminder that we can learn so much from each other—whether it's our next door neighbor or someone from another country—if we're simply willing to open our minds to it.