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Florida Man Conveniently Parks Smart Car In His Kitchen To Keep It From Blowing Away During Hurricane

Jessica Eldridge/Facebook

In peak Florida man fashion, Patrick Eldridge parked his Smart car in the kitchen because he was worried it would blow away in Hurricane Dorian.

Eldridge from Jacksonville, came up with the idea after his wife, Jessica, asked him to clear out the garage so she could shelter her car from the storm.

“I wanted him to clean out the other half of our garage so that I could pull my car in. He felt it would just be easier to pull his car into the kitchen. So now my car is in the garage and his is in our kitchen," Jessica Eldridge told the PA news agency.

Patrick drove the car through the backyard and into the house via the back double doors.

We have to give it to him. It's really creative problem solving.

“It fit right in no problem," Jessica said. “We are doing good. It's pretty windy and few showers. So we have been blessed so far."

The couple has not yet evacuated, although members of their community have.

The internet had some of the best responses to this creative solution.

Like, evacuate.

Others are focusing on the perks.

Others focused on the details.


Others were wondering how they got to that conclusion.

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