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People Are Roasting The 'Side-Effects' Of Vaccinating Your Kids In A Hilarious Twitter Thread

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Many in the anti-vaxx camp extol the side effects of vaccinating children online to try to persuade others to follow their lead.

Twitter user Megan Amran decided to do the same with some proven side effects of vaccines.

Amran, tongue firmly in cheek, posted this outraged message:

"PARENTS DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILD!! I vaccinated my baby and now 60 years later he has an Old face, too soft hands, horrible looking. DISGUSTING why is he alive so long"

People quickly picked up where she was going and hopped on board with their own vaccine horror stories.

Some even lived long enough to see puberty!

All because their parents vaccinated them.

Others shared their own side effects of not dying young from a preventable disease.


Although some pointed out there might be a conspiracy involved.

Or several conspiracies...


People shared how vaccines lead to their children struggling later in life.

And not just in school.

Vaccinated people struggled in the hair care aisle too!

Plus, vaccinating is hereditary!


And the costs of a child that lives are astronomical.

But internet health experts were there to save the day.

I'm sure there is sound science behind these suggestions.


While many anti-vaxx claims are dubious at best or outright lies at worst, it is true that a small percentage of the population is unable to be vaccinated due to allergies or compromised immune systems.

States facing preventable disease outbreaks are now allowing healthcare facilities, day cares and schools to turn these voluntarily unvaccinated children and adults away.

It is for these vulnerable people—who have no choice about not vaccinating—that public institutions require that people—who do have a choice—vaccinate their children or keep their children at home. It is still the choice of parents to vaccinate or not.Choose wisely.


Vaccinate your kids, people, or get ready to home school them. Read more about why vaccines are important here.

Express yourself with this pro-vaccine shirt, available here.


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