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We all came from somewhere! Our family histories are long and, very often, more interesting then we give them credit for.

Twitter user Amanda Deibert posed a question for all her followers to answer:

"What's a cool bit of family history you know?"

Some of the replies she received were far more interesting than anyone expected.

Our grandparents had pretty cool lives before we came along...

Even our parents have some pretty interesting stories to tell.

No matter how far back people went, they just found more stories.

Not all of the family stories were "legal" in the strictest sense.

Other stories were completely legal and still thriving today!

The most interesting part of some anecdotes was their proximity to well-known tales.

Many people's grandparents had pretty dangerous encounters, but don't worry: they all survived to build a family.

RIP Uncle McElroy...

It turns out many of our ancestors have caused large-scale political incidents.

Beware Ekenhammer.

Twitter absolutely loved the family stories and thanked Deibert for making them happen!

For really great stories, many of us need look no further than our family reunions!

Don't tell mom!

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