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Eric Trump Gets A Blunt Economics Lesson After Boasting About The U.S.'s GDP Growth

Noam Galai/Getty Image

Eric Trump took to Twitter on Thursday, October 28, to spread what he thought was great news for President Trump: a third quarter GDP growth of 33.1%

Unfortunately for the President's son, many of Twitter's economically inclined users were close at hand to explain some basic maths to him.

Some users gave Trump's GDP analysis even more credit than it deserved by placing the net growth at around 0%.

In truth, a 33% loss followed by a 33% gain is still a net loss, because 33% of a smaller number is, obviously, smaller.

Though the GDP improving is undeniably good news, the situation is still dire for many Americans, although the Trumps prefer to pretend everything is totally fine.

Of the many things Eric Trump is known for, a grasp of the basics has never been one of them.

The GDP and the stock market may be improving from their earlier disasters, but that doesn't mean average Americans are feeling secure financially.

Next week, Americans will finish casting their votes to determine whether Eric Trump will be someone they have to hear about regularly for another four years.

Even Eric's fans, however, probably aren't following him for his economic advice.