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Military Vet Has Epic Response To NRA Tweet Shaming People Who Kneel During The National Anthem 🔥

@NRATV, @IdaGreyBenden/Twitter

The NRA is being called out for using the service of veterans for their own PR campaign.

One vet is not falling for it.

The National Rifle Association is coming under fire (get it?) for an ad campaign using Oliver North (Yes, that Oliver North from the 1980s Iran-Contra arms scandal) to sell the message that kneeling during the National Anthem (a movement started by Colin Kaepernick against systemic racism and police brutality) somehow insults military personal.

Many vets are tired of being used by the organization in an attempt build political gain. Now vets are speaking against these harmful manipulations.

One USMC veteran, Steven Kiernan, took to Twitter to lay it all out and let the NRA know vets will not continue to be exploited.

In his tweet that has since gone viral Kierman says:

So many others added their support.

Others were just as shocked at the choice of spokesperson.

Someone probably should have thought this branded message through.

H/T: The Guardian, Indy100

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