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Embarrassed People Reveal The Worst Accidental Text They Ever Sent Someone

Embarrassed People Reveal The Worst Accidental Text They Ever Sent Someone

Mis-texts; we've all had it happen and it can sometimes be the stuff of nightmares.

Well, for the people involved anyway. For those of us who get to watch the shenanigans go down, it's the greatest show on earth. The circus ain't got nuthin' on this!

One Reddit user asked: What is the worst text that you accidentally sent to the wrong person?

Want to feel better about your life? At least you're not the dude who sent a picture of his booty-sweat to his Pokemon friends. Unless you are that guy, in which case, Sir we thank you for the greatest belly laugh we've ever had.

You guys ready to do this?

1. Tell All Your Friends


I thought I was texting my partner, but I accidentally sent my mom this text:

"I love when you make love to me."

She proceeded to tell all of my friends.

2. Boss Move


I once texted my boss: Imma put your whole face in this ramen and you will love me so hard for it."

3. Dad's So Pretty


I almost always send my girl a good morning text, accidentally sent this one to Dad instead:
"Good morning beautiful! I love you and hope you have a wonderful day!"

My dad just responded back:
"I always knew I was pretty."


4. Chomping


I didn't send one, but I got one about me. I was on a plane with a group of co-workers, including a husband & wife seated a few rows ahead of me. I was eating a bag of Doritos when I get a text from the wife saying:

**"Is that (me) chomping away on chips back there?!" **

Like she was clearly annoyed with how loudly I was eating. I read it, smirked, and just waited. After a while, I watched her look at her husband wondering why he hadn't reacted to her text. Then she went back into her texts and realized she had sent it to me. We were still waiting to taxi so texts went through with no problem. She realized there was chance it didn't send and that I definitely got it.

Then I watched her ever so slowly set her phone down in her lap and stare silently straight ahead.


5. The Elf-ephant in the room.


My boss accidentally sent me a picture of a sexy elf costume asking if I would wear it. He apologized profusely for it.


6. Thanks, Siri


I was once trying to send my 14 year old daughter a text via Siri and it wouldn't recognize her name every time I said "Text (daughter)." I got annoyed and started cursing Siri out, which of course, Siri understood loud and clear.

She was waiting to be picked up from dance class. Thanks, Siri.


7. Bad Date


I was on a bad date, so I texted my friend with benefits:

**"This date sucks and I'm about to ditch them ASAP to come over to your place." **

Except I sent it to the person I was on the date with by accident. The date ended fairly quickly at that point.


CC Everyone


My buddy and I gchat at work all the time, and one day he was leaving and meant to type to his wife "see you at home, love you xoxo" and he accidentally sent it to me. Now we say "love you xoxo" to each other at the end of every day.


8. Urinal Acoustics


I once texted my boss that I thought the guy next to me in the urinal must have had a huge urethra based on how loud he peed...


9. "This Never Happened"


My girlfriend left a pair of her underwear and had suggested I try them on. I did and sent a funny photo. She didn't respond, so I went to ask if she got it. That's when I saw that I had sent it to my younger brother.

I message back saying:
"Not meant for you, this NEVER happened." __

He replies back:
"This never happened."

It's been like 3 years I think and we've never discussed it, but maybe a few years down the line it'd be funny to bring back up and see if he remembers it.


10. Poke-Sweat


Me And my girlfriend spent all day playing Pokemon Go in the hot Australian sun. Later, I sent a picture of my sweaty underwear to my girlfriend with the message:

**"Look at that sweat!" **

Turns out I sent it to my Pokemon Go group with more than 70 local people.


11. The Blue Speedo


I sent a screenshot of an Amazon page to a client. She's a 58 year old woman from Nigeria.

It was a very small blue Speedo, on a male model.


12. Control, Alt., Delete My Memory


I was sitting on the toilet doing my business when my S.O sent me a text saying
**"How's the poo going?" **

I told him it was going great, so he jokingly asked for a picture. Thinking it would be hilarious I turned around, snapped a pic and hit send. I immediately realized I was actually on another chat with my friend - boyfriends message had just popped up as a notification.


13. 2 Boobs and 7 Chins


I was getting dressed with my phone in my hand. I was bent over to pick up a shirt and bra. My thumb must have been near that pic button in the chat. Next thing I know I've sent a lovely "selfie" and 7 chins to my Dungeons And Dragons group chat. Like awkward front-facing camera nude, not sexy.

This happened 2 days ago, I am still mortified. I can only hope I made someone's day, because I cried.


14. Cringeworthy


When I was like 16, I wrote to a friend about liking a girl. Of course I wrote it to her by accident.

I tried to cover it like:
"hahaha, yeah I did that on purpose to freak you out."

I ended up confessing later, but she wasn't interested.

I still cringe.

Kill Me Now


My friend cheated on her boyfriend and was trying to make it seem like it only happened one time, so she texted the other boy ...

"If (boyfriend) asks, we only had sex once"

and sent it to her boyfriend...


15. Bluetooth Betrayal


So this was not sent to the wrong person but still received by the wrong person. For the sake of the story, let's say my name is Jorge.:

I was at a college party with my friends. One of my friends sister showed up and we got along great. Friend and his sister drive me home. He is driving, hot sister is in the back seat playing music from her phone. I had gotten her number earlier and things had been getting flirty, so I texted her. Obviously I didn't want my friend/her brother to hear me trying to get with her. I didn't realize her phone would play the text out loud through the car's speakers. The music went silent and her phone goes:
**"Jorge said: Can't wait to get you alone." **

I am there in the front seat mortified because my close friend just heard what I wanted to do to his sister. He had no idea that she and I had even talked that night. Trying to cover with humor, I just look at her and go:
**"hehehehe AWKWAAARRD" **

He sat dead silent looking at the road.



My sister asked for a picture of the engagement ring I was buying for my fiance. Guess who I actually sent that one to.

Don't Tell Anyone Mom Killed The Baby Sitter


Sent the mom of the child I was babysitting a text stating that I would rather jump out of their window than continue to watch their kid for the rest of their night. Yeah, not my proudest moment.

I paced back and forth in their house until they got home. Pretended nothing happened and they texted me when I got home confronting me about it. I apologized and never saw them again. Oops.


Mom-entary Lapse


When I was sick a few months ago I actually sent my mom a text message asking her to come cuddle and rub my tummy until I felt better. It was meant for my boyfriend at the time. She totally thought that I was just homesick and missing my mom, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Apology Required


Messaged my teammate Chris, he didn't respond, messaged him again in a vulgar way because I thought he was just ignoring me. Turns out there are two people at work with the very same name, and autopopulate picked the wrong one. This guy was a very serious Director. I was a lowly engineer. He was pissed, but I apologized profusely on IM and called him to apologize. I think that combo spared me. Still work there today.


Sorry Boss


One time I was a passenger in my mate's car and this segment on the radio played, like "text us your horrible boss stories and be in to win!" I'm sure you can see where this is going. My boss at the time was pretty awful. Didn't give me breaks, over worked me, charged me tax but pocketed it, was 5 weeks behind in my wages, would get drunk in the front by himself while I was in the back cleaning dishes (this was a restaurant). So I put this in a text to the radio station.

I wish.

I put this in a text to my boss.

I had work that night. Very awkward shift. It's like he wanted to be mad at me, but now he was aware that I knew what he was doing was immoral he didn't want to make it worse...

Not many words were spoken that night.




my best friend had a new boyfriend that I hadn't met or even seen a photo of. We were hanging out and she kept getting snaps from him and it was ruining the movie we were watching. I turned to her and was like "what ya snappin?"

And she said her boyfriend kept sending her funny snap filter photos. Her phone dinged and she was like "oh he just sent one! Wanna see so you know what he looks like?" And it was his penis. So I saw his manhood before his face.

Advise this?


My freshman year roommate accidentally sent his academic advisor a timelapse of himself eating 12 tacos. I don't think I've ever laughed harder than after him yelling across the room, "OH s***! /u/lespaulbro, can I unsend an email???" 12/12, even now it's still funny to taco bout it.


Awkward Turtle


School had me swamped so I barely got to see my girlfriend for a while so I sent a mushy text about how she's always on my mind and I love her, accidentally sent it to a casual friend only to find out that she was secretly in love with me... it was a very awkward situation.