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Elon Musk Hit With Backlash For Tweet Comparing Justin Trudeau To Hitler Amid Trucker Protest

Elon Musk Hit With Backlash For Tweet Comparing Justin Trudeau To Hitler Amid Trucker Protest

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME; Ian Forsyth/Getty Image

In his latest dalliance with supporting far-right fascism, Tesla CEO Elon Musk voiced his support for the Canadian trucker protest by comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Hitler on Twitter.

Trudeau has recently cracked down on the protests, which have held the Canadian capital of Ottawa and several other cities hostage for weeks as truckers used their trucks to cripple Ottawa's downtown and block access to bridges and U.S./Canada border crossings while harassing and assaulting citizens.

To Musk, Trudeau not allowing this to continue is on a par with the systematic mass murder and genocide of at least 17 million people by Hitler and his Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s.

Naturally, this absurd sentiment has left many outraged, and Musk has since deleted the tweet. But screenshots live forever, as they say.

You can see his tweet below.

Musk's tweet included a meme bearing the ghoulish face of Adolph Hitler himself along with the text:

"Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau. I had a budget."

Musk's joke, if you can call it that, is in reference to Trudeau's federal spending, which many conservative Canadians oppose.

Musk has repeatedly heaped praise on the trucker convoy, which was organized in protest of COVID-19 vaccine requirements for truckers carrying cargo over the U.S./Canadian border. But as with most right-wing protests nowadays, the trucker convoy has been found to be about far more than vaccine rules.

The protest is closely aligned with far-right white nationalist, Nazi and QAnon groups. Participants have explicitly said it was designed to be a January 6-style attack on the Canadian Parliament. Interference from far-flung countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh has been instrumental in the planning and fundraising for the protest. And nearly half of the protest's funding has come from far-right and evangelical Christian Americans.

Musk seems to think that's all really cool, and that opposing it is akin to the genocidal fascism of Adolph Hitler. Which is par for the course for him nowadays--he's been slyly tweeting affinity for the far-right for years now.

On Twitter, people were reviled by Musk's tweet.

Canadian police have begun arresting participants in the Ottawa branch of the trucker convoy after arresting two of its leaders last night, bringing the protest toward its end after more than three weeks. A copycat American version from California to Washington D.C. is already planned to launch on February 23.