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Dyson Is Selling A Real, Working Vacuum Toy For Kids This Holiday Season--And Parents Are Cheering

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Santa has his helpers in the North Pole, and parents have their own little helpers right at home. Especially during the holidays, parents of little ones wish their their kiddos could actually be a little more helpful around the house and, with its new toy, Dyson has solved that problem.

Introducing, the Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum by Casdon Toys UK.

The toy is described on Amazon as:

"This cute Dyson vacuum is a direct replica of the life size Dyson Ball Vacuum to help your little helper tidy in style! Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house – just like the grown-ups. This Dyson Ball upright vacuum cleaner has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail. The replica design features real working suction, realistic sounds, bright colours, twist and turn action just like the real thing! There is also a removable dustbin at the back to empty the debris. The simulated cyclone action has moving colourful balls in a clear cylinder. Your little helper will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills. Suitable for ages 3+."

The toy company also released a video showing children's glee when they discover that it actually picks things up.

Dyson Ball, Casdon toy vacuum cleaner

With nearly 3,000 reviews, the Dyson Vacuum toy has earned an 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

One mother named Kelsie raved about the product saying:

"Our son, 1 1/2-years-old, is OBSESSED with vacuums and carpet cleaners. He has nearly broken my vacuum a few times because it's a bit too large for him to maneuver. We got him this for Christmas, and it was the only gift he cared about. He wouldn't open any other gifts after getting to it. His sister had to do the rest of them. He has been "vacuuming" for 4 days straight. When I vacuum, he follows along side me with it. It is a lot quieter than I expected. The sound doesn't get annoying. I love it! If it ever breaks, I'll buy him another."
Other customers also shared their joy in the product:
"Cutest thing! My son showed interest in the vacuum, so I decided to buy him his own. He now goes around the house with this vacuum! It's the perfect size for him." - Wayne (Amazon)
"We saw this at someone's house and I was excited to get one because my son is constantly turning my vacuum on and off while I'm trying to use it and he likes to "help" empty it when I'm not quite ready for it to be. We got ours from (one of the sellers listed here) and its exactly as shown in the picture-colour included (we wanted purple because it's my sons favourite colour)! I noticed that a lot of the reviews stated that the vacuum couldn't stand up on its own but ours has no issues with that. The red button doesn't always seem to stay pushed down for the colours to spin but there's a separate switch for the "real" suction, so we don't care since it still makes a vacuum sound. I also noticed a lot of people were disappointed with the the "real" suction. Ours works just fine for a toy-it picks up bits of lint and small crumbs through a small Hole in the bottom but seriously people, if you're expecting it to work like a real vacuum then go get a real vacuum. My son is a year and a half and was thrilled that it makes the sounds and looks like our vacuum. He's dropped it several times and it's still in one piece and haven't had any issues. Also came a day earlier than expected :)" - Jessica Page (Amazon)
"I never ever thought I would be saying this, but my child is obsessed with vacuum cleaners. He is 2 years old. It started because he was very afraid of the vacuum, but now he is so fascinated and wants to touch and analyze them. Needless to say, we don't want him breaking our expensive vacuum, so I thought him having his own "me sized" vacuum would help. It's been amazing. At first we didn't have C batteries, so he played with it, but wasn't super impressed. He had to make the sounds himself. Then we turn it on a couple days later! He loves the sound and mimicking the motion of vacuuming. I think he believes he is vacuuming." - Amy M. Thomas (Amazon)
"My girl uses this every time I am vacuuming. She doesn't care about he simple vacuuming features this has, she mostly likes seeing the "dirt" spin and the flexibility it has just like her parents'. Our younger child also enjoys playing with this." - Cassius Clay Rae (Amazon)
"My 1.5 year old son loves to clean, so this vacuum is perfect for him! It says 3+ years old but there's no small parts. This toy vac came with minimal assembly & was so easy to put together. I like that it says on the listing what batteries & how many. Easy for little guy to use. Push a button & little colorful squares spin in the chamber. Slide a switch on the back & it has a little suction. He has so much fun "cleaning" with it. It's not loud so it don't interfere with our watching tv & don't scare him. It's easy to maneuver & stands by itself. When the batteries are low it makes sounds but the colored squares don't spin so that's a helpful indicator. Small size is good for my baby boy, yet still works well for older kids. Collection container is simple to remove, and he's even figured out removing & emptying it." - Heidi (Amazon)
"My wife has the real Dyson Ball Vacuum, it's amazing how well it works, my grandson was so intrigued every time she vacuumed, we had to find something to occupy him when she did. Imagine our surprise to find the working replica!! It has two switches, one operates little colored beads that float around clear chamber, the second switch turns on a real suction that pulls light, little bits into a separate cartridge, that an adult needs to release, so it feels safe for him to play with it when we step out of room. No, its note something one would use to actually clean their home, but its very well made, and he gets a kick out of copying her, he thinks he is contributing and we think it teaches good basic habits in regular cleaning regardless of gender. Product was shipped amazingly fast and well packaged, we only had to add C batteries and it was ready to go!! Thank you, clever idea!!" - Paul S. Brady (Amazon)
"Exactly what I was hoping it would be. My 18m old loves to help me around the house, so this is perfect for him to vacuum while I am using my own vacuum. The buttons are very easy to use, he figured out the sound/spinner one immediately, and loves to turn it on. The actual suction button is on the back and he doesn't know its there, which makes it good for older children, which will allow him to grow into the vacuum and enjoy it for years to come. It does actually collect small items with the suction and is easy to empty. We were able to collect a leaf, some dog hair, and a little piece of plastic. It does have a way to allow it to stand up on its own, with a "locking" foot, that is very convenient and easy to use. Also assembly was a breeze, only had to click in the handle to the rest of the vacuum. Only thing I don't care for is that it does take 4 C batteries, but I bought rechargeable ones for it." - Ariel (Amazon)
Others are not customers themselves, but find the product to be brilliant.

Dyson sure is starting its loyal customer base out young. If you want it for your little one, buy it here now.

H/T: Amazon, People, WSVN

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