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Dwayne Johnson Quickly Walks Back Joke About Boris Johnson Being His Cousin After It Backfires

Albert L. Ortega/Contributor/Getty Images, TOLGA AKMEN/Contributor/Getty Images, @barbatastjohn2/ Twitter

Dwayne “The Rock" Johnson has jokingly claimed that Boris Johnson is his cousin, but backtracked on the statement on Twitter.

“He's family, by the way; you don't know that, but now all of Britain knows … he's my cousin," Johnson said when the new Prime Minister was mentioned to the Jumanji star on Good Morning Britain. “It's like looking in the mirror, every time I see Boris."

Johnson followed up his comments with a Tweet in which he commended a comment made last week by the Tory politician in the first speech of his premiership – that “the people are our bosses."

Johnson's tweet about Boris Johnson(Twitter/Screengrab)

“Breaking: PM Boris Johnson is in fact my cousin (though we clearly look more like twins)," he Tweeted. “Jokes aside, PM did say something in his speech I liked – 'the people are our bosses'. 100% agree. The people/audience/consumer will always matter most. #ourboss"

After the tweet received some disparaging comments, it was removed within 15 minutes and Johnson appeared to backtrack.

“Well according to the people, maybe we're not related after all," he tweeted. “Big mahalo to my people who I can always rely on to give me the real talk and swift perspective & education on the individual I did not know. Tequila on me, Britain."