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Fan Rides Around Movie Theater Lobby On Makeshift Sandworm For 'Dune 2'—And It's Epic

A viral video is making the rounds on social media of a 'Dune' cosplayer riding around the lobby of an AMC movie theater on their homemade sandworm during opening weekend of 'Dune: Part Two.'

Screenshots from TikTok of 'Dune: Part Two' fan riding sandworm through AMC lobby

The hotly anticipated blockbuster Dune: Part Two has arrived at last, and to say fans are hyped would be an understatement—especially one fan in particular.

A viral video shows a fan riding their homemade sandworm through the lobby of an AMC movie theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over the opening weekend of the movie, and it has taken the internet by storm to say the least.

TikToker Josh Gammon caught the moment the fan, in a full Dune: Part Two costume, came zooming through the lobby on what appears to be a homemade motorized sandworm,.


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The cosplayer faithfully recreated the look of actor Timothée Chalamet's character Paul Atreides, and according to ScreenRant, even gets the sandworm-riding technique correct, whizzing by while controlling the sandworm with two hooks.

The sandworms are terrifying in the first Dune film, but in the second Chalamet's character adopts the Fremen culture which views the monsters as allies. Paul's first sandworm ride is a rite of passage in the story, so it's a major moment in the film.

But mostly what resonated with the internet was the delightful silliness and absurdity of the fan zooming around on their makeshift monster.

The spectacle had many people feeling excited about the theater experience after the way the pandemic kind of quashed it for a year or two.

Others couldn't help but laugh at the fact that no one in the theater seemed to even register what was going on.

It's official: cinema is back and Nicole Kidman's AMC promos have officially been eclipsed!