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Drake Calls Donald Trump A 'F*$&ing Idiot' During Concert And The Crowd Goes Wild

Drake Calls Donald Trump A 'F*$&ing Idiot' During Concert And The Crowd Goes Wild
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Drake isn't normally known for being a political rapper. He's particularly quiet on the topic of American politics, which makes sense since the rapper is Canadian. Lately, though, he's been taking shots at Donald Trump. Maybe it was because he was in New York, and New Yorkers are nothing if not direct... but at a recent concert he finally moved out of the realm of subtle Canadian jabbing and went straight to just saying exactly what was on his mind.

At the end of a show Twitter described as amazing, Drake thanked the crowd. He took a moment to express how proud he was of the unity and togetherness he had witnessed at the show, even though the crowd was full of people from different races, religions, backgrounds, etc.

Awwwww. That's really sweet. Sounds like pretty typical Drake to us...?


The part that shocked people - and made the audience cheer - was when he brought up Trump, criticizing him for fueling division among the people. He didn't say his name, though. Drake referred to Donad Trump as "this f^cking idiot that's in office." Obviously we censored that.

Drake did not.

Drake seemed to hesitate for a second before just saying it, like he was searching for the best way to say it and then remembered he was in New York - known for being pretty friendly about free speech - and could just say it.

Right now, I feel like we're all living in a country where they try to tell us every single day - on our cell phone, on the news - they try and tell us that we're living in a divided country, that we don't understand unity. And e're listening to this... this... this f^cking idiot that's in office, you understand? We're listening to this idiot in office that's trying to tell us that something is going on. And meanwhile right here in public, we got 16,000 people from all races and all places and all we're doing is just sitting here enjoying ourselves, listening to music. So I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, I'm proud of you because no matter how they tell us the world is going, this is how the f^cking world is supposed to work right here in Brooklyn tonight. So I'm proud of you, and I appreciate you.

Twitter wasn't too shy about responding to Drake's words.

To be fair, the crowd loved it, but not everyone on Twitter was impressed. Though some for very different reasons than others. Some were legitimately offended, while others just wanted to know when he was going to address his beef with fellow rapper Pusha T.

We'll let you guys know if Donald Trump decides to fire back. You're welcome.

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