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Drag Star Morgan McMichaels Broke Her Hand Punching Someone Who Threatened To Cut Her Throat

@morganmcmichaels/Instagram, @CamiloNazar/Twitter

If you're a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race or the art of drag, you probably know who Morgan McMichaels is. She first hit the national stage as a contestant on season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race and came back in a big way for All-Stars Season 3. Her fan base is skyrocketing after a recent incident proved that whether you're dealing with Morgan or her out-of-drag self, Thomas, you're getting a fearless heart that refuses to be a victim.

Recently, Morgan hit the stage wearing an outfit with the words "I Punch Nazis" written across the front. It's rare that a person gets a chance to prove that the stuff written on their clothes is legit, but Morgan did and WOW. So let's set the scene, shall we? Morgan was out shopping when a man approached. We don't know if he caught the show and was directly referencing the "I Punch Nazis" outfit - but the man identified himself as a Nazi and flung a homophobic insult. No big deal so far. While the insult was uncalled for, this is nothing that the LGBT community doesn't face every day, and certainly nothing new for Morgan.

But then things escalated. The man didn't just call Morgan names; he threatened to slit her throat, then actually threw a punch. McMichaels is far from defenseless, so she returned the swing — and broke her hand in the process.

After getting a cast, McMichaels took to Instagram to share the story.

Fans were concerned that McMichaels may not be able to perform with the cast. Her shows are high energy and high glam, so a cast may not work on stage. No need to worry, though. McMichaels is known as a queen who makes things work.

Enter: Bedazzled Cast!

Twitter is all about celebrating Queen Morgan, her Nazi punching, and her fabulous cast.

So just to be clear, we are in no way advocating violence; but if someone threatens and attacks you and you get hurt protecting yourself ... well ... now you know rhinestones look magnificent on a cast.

H/T: Indy100, Twitter, Instagram

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