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Man Proposes To High School Crush In Airport After 60 Years Apart In Sweet Viral TikTok

Dr. Thomas McMeekin and Nancy Gambell went on a few dates in high school before losing touch and marrying other people—but a high school reunion changed everything.

Man proposing to high school sweetheart after 60 years apart

Maybe a few times in a lifetime, we'll come across a couple and think that they were always meant to be together, that they just "made sense."

Though Dr. Thomas McMeekin and Nancy Gambell started their adult lives by marrying other people, it was clear the pair was always meant to be together, even if their story didn't really begin until sixty years later.

McMeekin and Gambell dated briefly while in high school in Quincy, California, before going off to different colleges in different parts of the country. Though McMeekin claims to have never forgotten his high school sweetheart, the two later married other people and started lives of their own.

It wasn't until their fiftieth high school reunion when McMeekin and Gambell ran into each other, and a new phase of their relationship began. Though they remained respectable, due to be married to other people, they stayed in contact after the reunion.

As their sixtieth high school reunion approached, however, Gambell made the first move and reached out to McMeekin:

"I'm really looking forward to seeing you again."

It was this statement that led the pair to start talking to each other daily, after discovering that both of them were in different circumstances than they had been after their previous high school reunion.

McMeekin promised to have a special surprise ready for Gambell at Tampa International Airport, where he planned to meet her before the reunion, but she never could have anticipated what the surprise would be.

McMeekin's staff got a kick out of his excitement leading up to the special day at the airport.

"They were all excited because all week long, I've been acting like a giddy fool, jumping around and smiling!"

One of McMeekin's staff captured the special surprise on camera for the couple to save forever.

The five-minute video shows McMeekin waiting for Gambell to exit the terminal before walking her over to the waiting chairs to give her his surprise.

It's when McMeekin drops a pillow on the floor and lowers himself onto one knee that Gambell realizes what is happening and realizes everyone around them is watching and recording.

You can watch the full video here:


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Upon meeting with Gambell, McMeekin gifted her with a necklace that contained both of their birthstones and a bouquet of flowers, and then he got down on one knee and proposed.

"For the last three weeks, I have thought of you every day, every hour, and talked to you every night for hours. I've longed to see you again, hold you in my arms, and tell you how much you mean to me."

You can watch just the proposal video here:


Replying to @jjayyciee the proposal 🥹😭😭

Gambell was clearly overcome with emotion and held McMeekin's hand tightly as he read his proposal to her in the middle of the airport, but she still managed to say yes, resulting in loud applause from fellow travelers.

TikTok was floored by the decades-later proposal.










This story is a wonderful testament to true love conquering everything, including six decades of waiting, and it's the perfect reminder that the best things are worth waiting for.