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Trump's Campaign Is Getting Roasted After Announcing A Rally For A Non-Existent Date

On Monday, November 18, President Trump tweeted out a link to sign up for an upcoming rally in Sunrise, Florida.

There was just one problem...

...on the date he originally advertised, no rally was happening.

Then an edited post referred to November 26th, Saturday for the rally.



Trump's been having a trouble with pretty much everything lately.

The Trump team corrected the original tweet by editing their website, but...

The 26th isn't a Saturday.



Many of the parties most interested in when Trump would actually arrive, however, seemed to be people who wanted to protest him.

Altogether, the big event rollout was a bit of a disappointment.

Oh well, President Trump!

In your never-ending campaign, I'm sure you''ll have another opportunity to announce a rally correctly very soon.

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