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'No He Does Not' Trends After Trump Declares That Pence Has The Power To Reject Electors

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

On Tuesday, January 5, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to falsely claim Vice President Mike Pence can simply reject electoral college voters who cast their ballots for Joe Biden, claiming without evidence that they were "fraudulently chosen."

This was, of course, incorrect.

The instant Trump had posted his tweet, the fact-checkers of the internet descended upon it to drop some knowledge.

So many people responded to Trump's incorrect tweet that the phrase "No he does not" began trending.

If President Trump cared much about the actual Constitution he would have realized his Vice President didn't have the power he was describing.

Such a universal reaction to a single post is pretty rare but President Trump made it happen.

Every day seems to bring a new half-brained scheme from President Trump to try and hold onto power.

Despite the near-universal fact check, it seems unlikely President Trump will give up on his quest to declare himself the winner of the 2020 elections despite Joe Biden's confirmed and reconfirmed victory.

Congress is set to meet on Wednesday, January 6, to certify Biden's victory.