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Trump Dragged For Touting 'Big Victory' After Election Results In Local Nevada Race Get Thrown Out

Trump Dragged For Touting 'Big Victory' After Election Results In Local Nevada Race Get Thrown Out
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump and his team are scrambling to legitimize the President's lies that widespread voter fraud tipped the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump has shared numerous false or misleading claims about the election, even pointing to election officials collecting ballots as evidence of voter fraud. So far, these efforts have only succeeded in eroding his supporters' trust in the American election system.

Trump's latest so-called evidence of widespread voter fraud is in Nevada, which Trump lost by over 30,000 votes.

Election commissioners in Clark County, Nevada withheld certification on the results of a county commissioner position in District C, a race with just a ten-vote margin between the two candidates. Officials found evidence that six people had voted twice, along with evidence of other discrepancies.

With such a thin margin, the Clark County commissioners are pursuing a revote for that particular countywide election.

Trump hailed the decision as a "big victory," implying that the discrepancies could have an impact on the presidential election.

In reality, there were 139 discrepancies found that impacted the county commissioner race, well under the 33,000 votes that Trump would need to flip to turn the results in his favor. Once more, even if Trump was somehow successful in winning Nevada, he would need to change the results in at least two other states in order to reach the magic number of 270 electoral votes.

If that weren't enough, Clark county officials are confident enough in the results of other elections on the ballot—including the presidential race—that they've certified the results of these elections already.

Twitter users showered the outgoing President with fact checks.

Once again, Trump was grasping at straws.

Trump's time in the White House is up on January 20th.