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President Trump Just Tried To Mock Joe Biden For His Gaffes, And It Backfired Immediately

Drew Angerer/Getty Images // Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Like many candidates undergoing a stressful campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden has made his share of verbal gaffes in the year that he's been pursuing the Democratic nomination for President.

It's also no secret that President Donald Trump routinely makes gaffes of his own.

The difference between the two is that Biden usually corrects his gaffes, while Trump usually insists that his were intentional.

Trump attempted to chastise Biden on Twitter with a Fox News montage of some of the former Vice President's more embarrassing gaffes.

However, the President may wish he'd thought this through a little more.

People soon brought the receipts.

Remember when he called Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple"?

And how he later claimed he was just trying to save words.

Let's also not forget the infamous, soon-deleted "covfefe" tweet.

Trump later pretended that was deliberate as well.

What should be a bigger concern than verbal gaffes are outright lies, of which Donald Trump has told over 16,000.

Choose carefully.

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