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The Internet Is Roasting The Hell Out Of A Photo Of Don Jr. And Eric Trump 😂

Photo by Eugene Gologursky/WireImage

With friends like Jack Posobiec, who needs enemies?

Posobiec, who is best known for saying outlandish things on Twitter and supporting President Donald Trump like a middle-aged mom at a Backstreet Boys concert, posted a photo of Donald Jr, and Eric with the caption:

46 47

The numbers imply that Donald Jr. and Eric will succeed their father, who is the 45th President of the United States, to the executive office.

How could he not know he was setting up the Trump children for an epic takedown?

First came the guesses.

And then suggested progressions.

And there were lots of suggested prison sentences.

This one hit close to home.

We have to question if Posobiec is sucking up to the Trumps or setting them up.

H/T: Mashable