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Don Jr. Gets Shut Down After Posting His Hot Take On The 'Meghan Markle/Prince Harry Hostage Video'

Don Jr. Gets Shut Down After Posting His Hot Take On The 'Meghan Markle/Prince Harry Hostage Video'
Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. decided to weigh in with his unsolicited thoughts on Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry following their much anticipated Oprah Winfrey interview on Sunday night. The couple—who is expecting their second child—discussed issues like racism, miscarriage and mental health issues.

Don Jr. claimed he "couldn't care less about this stuff," yet proceeded to make a nearly eight-minute-long diatribe about the royal couple.

He filmed himself conveying his grating opinion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and posted it on Rumblewhere he instructed his presumptive viewers to "strap in."

Falling short of begging for an audience, he shared the video on Twitter, promising, "You're gonna wanna watch this."

"Are we pretending that Meghan Markle isn't the kind of person that was looking for all this attention? Because it seems like literally all of her actions in life up until now were about getting that kind of attention for herself."
"She just wants it to be good attention for herself."

You can see the video without visiting Trump's Rumble account here:

Trump Jr. shared his hot take on Twitter and Facebook.

He continued saying of Markle:

"The problem is, if you don't have the personality to do that, it doesn't always work out as much."
"Are we really pretending that she's a victim of all of this. Has she ever met a camera that she probably didn't love? Are we really pretending that? I actually feel bad for Harry. He's like a guy in a hostage video."

Don Jr. added Oprah should have confronted the former Suits actress about alleged verbal abuse towards staff at Buckingham Palace.

"Her getting up there and being the victim of all of this when it seems like there's people that work for her that say she's no angel, and honestly guys, I don't know her from Adam."

Although he initially claimed he gathered information off of Twitter discussions, he shared his thoughts after admitting to watching the videos.

"But when I'm watching those videos, when I'm watching this interview, I can almost guarantee you that those people probably were verbally abused and treated like crap, because she doesn't seem like the kind of person that treats other people all that well."

He added:

"I get that there's the woke image that she puts out and all of that stuff and so I'll get canceled for saying it, but are we really pretending that this seems like this is a nice and humble, warm woman that had no idea what she was getting into and had no idea there would be press when she was a princess of England."
"Totally clueless, she's shocked, shocked. Come on guys, give me a freaking break."

His commentary failed to resonate with pretty much anyone.

Twitter continued ripping him to shreds.

It appeared social media users too "couldn't care less about" whatever Don Jr. had to say in his latest rant.