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Professional Soccer Match Interrupted After Dog Storms The Pitch To Play With The Soccer Ball

Philadelphia Union was in El Salvador for a CONCACAF Champions League match when a fun-loving pooch decided to make his grand entrance.

Dog on a soccer pitch

Dogs and grass—dogs and balls: two matches made in heaven.

So no wonder that at a recent Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Champions League match a dog interrupted play by bolting onto the field and stealing the soccer ball to play with it.

The dog was grabbed and carried off the field, entirely unrepentant.

Check out the video here:

But can we all agree the dog is a good dog nevertheless?

People were ready to sign the dog to a position on the Philadelphia Union team whose game it interrupted.

The dog running onto the field is apparently just something you can expect from the the CONCACAF league.

It's a professional football/soccer league known for having a bit more chaos than their European counterparts.

Hopefully the dog was returned to its human and got its own ball after achieving its 15 minutes of fame.