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Disneyland Paris Workers' Protest Leaves Tons Of Litter Strewn About The Park, And Visitors Aren't Pleased

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The most magical place on Earth wasn't so "magical" for families visiting Disneyland Paris recently after the park's Onet cleaning staff protested, leaving the park covered in trash.

Although rides and amusements remained open, the guests who weren't too happy with the disruption to their expensive vacations.

According to WDNT the protest was organized by workers from Onet, an independent cleaning company contracted by the park. Workers were reportedly protesting their company's management, seeking fairer wages and better working conditions.

Photos of the protest show toilet paper and other litter spread across the Disneyland Hotel and the park's Main Street, along with protest signs speaking out against employee mistreatment.

But families who had shelled out for the magical Disney experience may have been more upset than protesting workers.

Disney tried reaching out to apologize for the situation though guests seemed to feel it failed to make up for it.

Many across social media however spoke out in favor of the workers and had little sympathy for families mildly inconvenienced by the protest.

According to a spokesperson for Disneyland Paris that spoke with Fox News this is not the first time workers at Onet have protested the pay and conditions at the park.

Given the impact of the latest protest however maybe this time Disney will listen.