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3-Year-Old Girl's Surprisingly Moving 'Dinosaurs In Love' Song To Be Released As A Charity Single On Spotify After Going Viral

Tom Rosenthal/PA

There is nothing cuter than a three-year old writing songs, except maybe a three-year-old writing a song about "Dinosaurs in Love".

The song was a viral hit on social media – and now Spotify has announced it will be releasing it as a charity single.

British singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal shared the video of his daughter Fenn's "first ever solo song" on Twitter earlier this week. And, the video was so adorable it already has over five million views.

The track, which has also spawned a string of remixes and tributes, tells the story of two dinosaurs who fell in love.

"Dinosaurs eating people/Dinosaurs in love/Dinosaurs having a party/They eat fruit and cucumber," the lyrics begin.

Twitter users were particularly touched by her end lyric, which explains that the dinosaurs died in the "big bang" and "didn't say goodbye" to each other.

We're all crying.

Rosenthal, from London, told the PA news agency that the single will be released on Spotify "very soon" under Fenn's name with all proceeds going to a wildlife charity.

He explained that he and his daughter came up with the song during a jam session, and that his daughters regularly make music themselves.

"We had a jam session! She wanted to sing a song about dinosaurs and she came up with all the lyrics. I just guided her gently along!" he added.

The song has been covered and remixed by several musicians, including talk show host Jimmy Fallon, who performed it on his late night TV show with The Roots.

"Life is very strange," Rosenthal said.

Can someone make this happen?

This is still all of us.

"She knows that lots of people have heard it and she's cool with that but she can't compute the reality of it yet," Rosenthal said about his daughter.

"Her and her sister Bess have written songs before and recorded a few too."